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Simple Quiz Engine: Create Interactive Quizzes to Quickly Grow your Business.

For over a year, I have been looking for a tool that could help me to create simple quizzes that also had the capability to… Integrate with my autoresponder (to put the people who complete the quiz into my followups) Give detailed responses based on the answers that were entered (not just a “you’re Rachel” […]

It May Be Hard, But… (A chat about transformation.)

I was at my appointment with my amazing masseuse a few weeks back and there is a workout area, in the facility, too. On the wall a painted sign hangs that has a space to write something, then it says “is hard… BUT” and then a space to write something else and another line of text that […]

Curation As A Content Strategy: Be The Source

Hi all! If you’re like me, the concept of Content Curation can be a bit fuzzy. Or maybe you have no idea what it is and that’s why you’re here, reading this post out of curiosity. Luckily my bestie Kelly McCausey came over to help clear it up. 🙂 Before I hand over my blog […]

Awesomize Your Life

A Confession. I Have Totally Slacked on This.

I may rock at passive income, but there’s one type of passive income that I had slacked on for YEARS. Saving & Investing. There were three reasons why I wasn’t investing regularly. 1. I already had a few investment accounts from past jobs – and they were so difficult to work with that I couldn’t get […]

Best Planners for Entrepreneurs for 2017

I am addicted to buying planners this time of year. Super-addicted. I love them and I use them and they make me money. So why wouldn’t I love them, right? The last few years, I’ve compiled a list of cool planners that you might like for your business. If you have another planner you love, […]

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