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Curation As A Content Strategy: Be The Source

Hi all! If you’re like me, the concept of Content Curation can be a bit fuzzy. Or maybe you have no idea what it is and that’s why you’re here, reading this post out of curiosity. Luckily my bestie Kelly McCausey came over to help clear it up. 🙂 Before I hand over my blog […]

Best Planners for Entrepreneurs for 2017

I am addicted to buying planners this time of year. Super-addicted. I love them and I use them and they make me money. So why wouldn’t I love them, right? The last few years, I’ve compiled a list of cool planners that you might like for your business. If you have another planner you love, […]

[Case Study] How to Grow your Lists with PLR Content

I love creating Case Studies from what works. I learn a lot from them and I like sharing my smart friends with you. A lot of my readers wonder what you can do with done-for-you content and PLR to actually grow your lists. Here is a great case study of someone who took one of the PLR reports she […]

Awesomize Your Life

What is the Difference Between Being Average Vs. Awesome?

We all want to be an awesomer version of ourselves, right? I know I do. There’s no secret to the difference between being average and being awesome, really. It’s this simple but powerful math: Average + Action = Awesome Would you agree? I know that it’s true in stages of my own life and business. […]

Leonie Dawson is in the HOUSE!

I’ve got another amazing entrepreneur to share with you today. Leonie Dawson asked ME if I would interview her and I was like “uhhhhh… HELL YES!” 🙂 I’m a big fan. Who is Leonie? CEO. Author. Artist. Creative. Blogger. Hugger. Mama. From her beautiful accent you’ll discover she’s Australian, too. Street Cred? She’s got it […]

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