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Hi All.

Several of you have asked where you can find my content that is available for reprint.

The answer? Everywhere!

I have many kinds of content that you can reuse on your blog, your website, in your ezine or autoresponder series, in your products, or even as bonuses to your existing products.

  • Some is available as part of my affiliate programs (which means that you can reprint it with your affiliate link for my product inside and make money.)
  • And, some is just plain good stuff that your readers will love with no bells and whistles — yet. 😉

I’ll break it down by type.

You can publish these articles with YOUR affiliate link for my programs in them. Just make me a guest blogger on your site, introduce me, insert the article, and change the links to your affiliate links and you’re set. 🙂


View all of my reprint articles here.


Feel free to publish my videos on your blogs: click here to grab them.

Don’t know how? Here’s a tutorial: How to Embed YouTube Videos in a WordPress Blog Post


  • PLR for Bloggers: Questions and Answers: We all have limited hours in the day, so how can we get more done in less time? PLR is one of my absolute favorite shortcuts for any online business owner. Unfortunately it sometimes gets a bad rap and is oftentimes confusing to bloggers. Awhile back I asked my readers to send in their biggest questions about using PLR in their businesses. I answered them all in this 18 page report.
  • How to Cash in on the Weight Loss Industry: Start a Blog: Create a New Stream of Income in a Hot Niche in Time for the New Year. How would you like to have a thriving website about Weight loss and Fitness that’s up, running and most importantly getting traffic by January 1st?We’re here to show you how to do just that and still have plenty of time to enjoy family and friends this holiday season.
  • Brandable Report: Experts Talk About Outsourcing
    “What is your #1 tip that you’d give someone who’s making some money online but is spending too much time in front of their computer — to encourage them to begin outsourcing?”
  • Brandable Report: Experts Talk About Managing Passwords
    “As an online business owner, you must have hundreds, if not thousands of passwords. I sure have bunches. How do you manage them so that you’ve got safe (hopefully unique) passwords for each program? And, how do you organize them all?”
  • Brandable Report: Experts Talk about Link Building
    What do Willie Crawford, Lynn Terry, Mark Mason, Susanne Myers and Nicole Dean have to say about Link Building? You’ll find out in this report where they were each asked the question: “What is your favorite method for building incoming links to your website or blog? Why?” Click here to read the report. Then, follow […]
  • Interview with Scott Tousignant, Fat Loss Quickie
    From the interview: Scott says:  Then Steven Pierce got on stage and he was asking people, “Who here has a high school education? Raise your hand.” “Who here hasn’t graduated from high school?” Almost no one raises their hand. “How many people have a University Degree?”

I have plenty more. I’m just in the process of moving it all around. Come back soon!