Affiliate Marketing: Email Promotion that Works.

Hey my friends. I’m running a promotion over at my new site to get it rocking and rolling – and we’re doing a big (kind of nuts) affiliate contest over there right now. Several of my friends have promoted successfully using great email marketing strategies and I wanted to show them off while sharing […]

What Are Typical Income Streams for Online Marketers?

It’s another Expert Briefs, where I ask really smart business owners to answer your burning questions. If you’ve missed past Expert Briefs, you can click on the undies to see them all –> So, on that note, this week I asked our panel of experts … It’s nearly the end of the year, so I’m […]

Why You Should Know Connie Ragen Green

I just spent an amazing five days with my dear friend, Connie Green. Connie flew into the Pensacola Airport near my home on Thursday night. I picked her up and we headed north (oddly with the speedometer not working) to a mastermind retreat in Northern Alabama held by our mutual friend, David Perdew (of NAMS) […]

The NAMS Dashboard: This Changes Everything

While a dashboard might not sound sexy, this is pretty cool. Take a tour with me through the new and improved NAMS System. It’s no longer a chaotic mess. 🙂

Why are your Free Reports & Ebooks so Ugly?

Are ugly ebooks and reports making you look less than professional? Ronnie Nijmeh has a solution (and you know how pretty HIS stuff is!) to share with you.

Recurring Income – How To

I was talking with one of my coaching clients this month about the importance of recurring income. You have to have some consistent income in order to avoid the rollercoaster of unpredictable cash flow. One month you launch a product and you get a huge influx of cash. The next month… not so much. This […]

Weird Wednesday: Dating Site for Farmers

Hi again. It’s Weird Wednesday time. Actually, I’d stopped doing Weird Wednesdays awhile ago, because they were taking too much time to write. But, then I was getting all kinds of great suggestions from people. (This week’s site is from Tracy Roberts of – thanks Tracy!) So, I’m bringing them back, but simpler. I […]

Niche Marketing – Mission Impossible Style

Here’s another guest blog post by my good friend, Susanne Myers, of Take it away, Susanne! Niche Marketing: Mission Impossible Style by Susanne Myers Let’s have a little fun with niche marketing and approach it “Mission Impossible” style. I don’t know what causes me to come up with these quirky topics and analogies when […]

Free Content for your Blog: Use My NAMS Tour

Hi I’m back with another “FREE Money-Making Content for You”Friday! Friday is the day where I give you free content that you can use on your blog – with your affiliate link, to make money with. Hurray! Not only that, but it’s copy/paste ready for you to profit. So, yep. You can make money by […]

Skip The Latest And Greatest Marketing Technique and Stick With Stuff That Actually Works

My personal life has been keeping me from my blog the last few weeks. (I’ll write more about that very soon.) So, I turned to my bud, Susanne Myers of Daily Affiliate Tasks and asked for a guest blog post.  In addition to being one of my favorite people on the planet, Susanne is a […]

Affiliate Marketing Lessons Learned From The Bowling Alley

Here’s another guest blog post by my bud, Susanne Myers of Daily Affiliate Tasks.  In addition to being one of my favorite people on the planet, Susanne is a successful niche affiliate marketer, too, and is also my mastermind partner. Turning this over to Susanne. Enjoy her brilliance! Affiliate Marketing Lessons Learned From The Bowling […]