What Does Being a Beachprenuer Mean to You?

We just finished a hangout with our speakers & mastermind advisers for our upcoming Beachpreneurs Lifestyle Conference. During this hangout, we asked them each to talk about what being a beachprenuer meant to them (it’s not always about the beach) and to share a tip for living that lifestyle. Enjoy the replay here: Are you […]

True or False? Money is Evil.

Unlike most days, I have been sitting here trying to find something inspiring to share without much luck. I wanted something that’ll make a difference in your life. And, finally BAM! It came to me. One of my favorite presenters at NAMS gave a talk about money… about how so many of us have issues with it […]

Get Social Marketing Results with Lynn Terry

My friend, Lynn Terry, is all over Social Media. And, unlike so many people who just hang out on social media and *think* they’re being productive… She gets results. She just put together some really cool training called “Social Marketing Results” and I’m digging into it now. In fact, I was sitting out in the […]

How to Write and Publish a New Kindle Book Every. Single. Week.

Today, I have a guest post from one of my favoritest coaching clients (who also helped me to publish my book) AND is one of my dear friends…. Kristen Eckstein. With that intro out of the way, I’m going to step back and just let Kristen shine. 🙂 How I am Able to Write & […]

30 Days to a Bigger List

I’m in Orlando this weekend for a live event with my friends Kelly McCausey and David Perdew – and a couple of hundred other marketers, too, of course. Before I took off “leavin’ on a jet plane”, my friend, Alice Seba told me about a new course she’s teaching about List Building. I asked her […]

How ELSE Are You Using That Content?

Hi! One of the questions that I ask my coaching clients often is “How else are you planning to use that content that you just worked so hard to create?” Sometimes, I see a sparkle in their eyes. I know I just made their day. Other times, I get the deer in headlights look. So, […]

Stop Stressing Over Gmail Tabs and Start Profiting Instead

This is a guest blog post from one of my friends online, Terry Dean. You may have seen Terry’s amazingly thorough responses in my Expert Briefs posts including the following: How to Only Work One Hour Per Day How to Regain Focus If you’re newer to the scene, Terry is an established marketer who I […]

How to Really Create Multiple Streams of Income

While I’m off on holiday with the family, my good friend, and uber-smart marketer, Kathleen Gage is going to pop on to share some advice about how to create multiple streams of income. I always learn a lot from Kathleen when we talk at NAMS in Atlanta – and she’s not just a marketer – […]

Ready to Stretch your Business?

Hey all. 🙂 My friend, Kelly McCausey, hosts a  Stretch Yourself Challenge for your Business which is a month of butt-kicking and it starts TOMORROW – Wednesday, May first. There we are in San Francisco a few months ago (probably on our way out to eat sushi – we ate a lot of sushi… ).  […]

Online Success Cast #29: Karon Thackston

My guest, Karon Thackston, is the President of Marketing Words and specializes in conversion-oriented, search engine copywriting. In this episode she is giving us great tips on creating copy and content for our target market.

Connie Green’s Earn 10k/Month Coaching Program

Hey all. My good friend, Connie Green does a cool coaching program where she chooses one of her special students and mentors him or her until they earn 10k per month. AND – the coolest part is that she records the coaching calls and allows us to listen in as part of her Earn 10k […]