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My help desk is getting swamped with the same question “How and Where Can I Learn More from Nicole”.

It’s embarrassing, but I just haven’t put all of my products in one handy dandy place. And, my help desk staff has threatened me with wet willies until I do so. (I hate wet willies.)

So, here are several of my favorite and most popular courses in one place.

Blog CPR: Revive your Lifeless Blog with Fresh Content

Blogging is profitable, but the hard part is coming up with ideas for new content… and then writing it. If you’re not careful, weeks and then months can sneak by and you find that you’ve lost your blogging mojo completely.

Not any more! My course Blog CPR teaches you how to create awesome content – without writing your fingers to the bone.

Check it out here: How Do I Revive my Lifeless Blog?

InfoProduct Profits Uncovered (aka Income CPR)

Anyone can put an info product together & call it done. Heck, thousands of people do it every day and they might even make a little money from it.

But, do you really know HOW you should get your ebook to your audience in a way that will not only have paypal zinging emails to you all day long but will also have your audience – the people on your list- waiting with money in hand for your next info product?

Check it out here: How the Heck Do I Sell More of My InfoProducts?!

Get More Traffic: Guest Blogging Guide

Infoproduct sellers know that the hard work starts after you launch your product — whether it’s an eBook, a full video course, or even a consulting package.

The real work is in getting your sales message in front of your potential customers so they can buy!

The “old” method used to be writing and submitting articles to the article directories. And, it still works, but here’s something that works even better. You’ll love this.

Instead of submitting your articles to EzineArticles.com where there are as of today 212,234 other Authors competing for attention, why not cut out the middle man and position yourself right in front of your potential customers – where they’re ALREADY hanging out?

Nicole Dean, did it. In fact, she pulled off a huge stunt this summer and got featured and endorsed on some of the hottest blogs in her industry – and in their newsletters.

Now, you don’t have to go as big as she did, but I’m telling you – her method works. As of right now, she’s got a waiting list of people who want her to “steal” their traffic – and she can’t keep up.

Do you think she’s got something that you can learn from? I KNOW she does.

I truly believe that this report will help you to:

1. Make more sales.

2. Build your list.

3. Excite and motivate your top affiliates.

4. Get you KNOWN as an expert in your field.

5. Open doors for you like crazy.

So, if that’s what you’re looking for, run, don’t walk and grab a copy her very affordable guide today.

Check it out here: Teach Me More about Free Traffic Through Guest Blogging!

OutsourceWeekly: How Have a Business and Still Find Time to Enjoy Life.

He called her Wonder Woman

She was the affiliate manager for one of the most prolific and successful Internet marketers.

She manages her own Internet businesses, which consists of over 100 websites.

She’s a wife, mother of two children and human of two dogs.

She homeschooled at one point, was both a Girl Scout and a Boy Scout Leader, and volunteers for her church.

She does all this yet still gets to lounge by her pool, ride her bike with her Mom, and speak at live conferences.

No wonder, her former “boss,” Jimmy D. Brown, called her Wonder Woman!

Her name is Nicole Dean. She makes a full-time income from home through Internet marketing. And she wants to show you how she has earned her nickname.

Check it out here: Teach Me How to Have a Business AND a Life at the Same Time

How to Sell your Product on Clickbank.

12,000 infomarketers can’t be wrong

For infoproduct marketers, Clickbank is a hands-free way of selling online.

Not only does it process your payments, but it also allows its army of 100,000 affiliates to promote your product — and then it takes care of paying their commissions and issuing refunds!

No wonder 12,000 infomarketers use Clickbank to sell their products.

But if you’re just starting out, getting your infoproduct on Clickbank can be a hairy process.

* You have to know what Clickbank does and doesn’t do for you.

* Your product and web pages need to adhere to Clickbank’s rules.

* You need to take advantage of all of Clickbank’s tools so you can maximize your sales and profits.

“How to Get Your First Infoproduct on Clickbank” is your step-by-step guide to selling on Clickbank. It doesn’t just tell you what to do, it SHOWS you through video demonstrations.

Plus, you’ll find out what tools you can use to make up for the few things that Clickbank DOESN’T do (hey, it’s not perfect).

It’s time to get your infoproduct out of your computer and into the Internet — where it can start making moolah for you.

Check it out here: Teach Me How to Sell My Products on Clickbank

EasyPLR: Top Quality Content for Bloggers Since 2006

Not a writer? No problem. You can still have a make money with a content website. Once your website is set up, all you need are some private label rights (PLR) articles. You simply purchase these PLR articles, and then edit them and publish them on your website or blog. There’s no linking back to anyone. Just publish them and monetize them with ads and you’re set.

Check it out here: Show Me the Content!

Shelancers: Helping Connect Virtual Assistants with the Clients Who Need Them

If you’re a freelancer (Virtual Assistant, Writer, Designer) and you need more clients…


If you’re a hard-working internet marketer who needs quality help…

Do I ever have a great resource for you!

Shelancers to the Rescue!

Protect Your Online Business BEFORE Disaster Strikes

One Cup of Coffee Away from Disaster.

I’m sure you’ve thought it before “I sure hope that I don’t spill this coffee into my laptop.”

Wow. Scary to think about, isn’t it. What would the ramifications be if you did? And, how long would it take you to recover from that?

- Lost programs.
– Lost documents.
– Lost pictures.
– Lost emails, even.

And, that’s just from a cup of coffee. Heck, that’s an accident.

What about intentional malice? Hackers, viruses, identity theft — eek!

Well, Nicole Dean, is an online business owner like you – and she was worried enough about these issues to write a report to address them.

In it, she covers the following:

  • The do’s and dont’s of creating and using passwords – so hackers can never guess or copy them and the no-sweat way to manage all your passwords, never worry about forgetting, losing or having your passwords stolen.
  • Why your business needs an emergency manual in case you get sick for an extended period, or worse. And, what to include in your emergency manual.
  • Why an external hard drive backup is not enough. And, what to use in addition to your external drive backup.
  • What files you should back up – so you know you’ve got all your bases covered.

Check it out here: Teach Me How to Protect My Online Business