40+ Weird & Crazy Niches

If you haven’t noticed, I’m doing a week of lists, to experiment with List.ly to see how much my traffic / exposure / interaction changes, if at all.


Today, I decided to resurrect my past Weird Niche Wednesdays posts from my archives – in list format.

Please vote up your favorites. I’m curious which you liked the best. And, each niche is clickable so that you can see the original post if you would like.

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Weird Niches

Nicole Dean from NicoleontheNet.com loves sharing Weird Niches.

Weird Niches | Inflatable Thanksgiving Foods

I need to give a shout out to my Mom from Remarkable Wrinklies for this week’s Weird Niche Wednesday

She was hanging out on StumbleUpon, probably finding a funny new cat blog to read, and ran across this.

Inflatable Thanksgiving Foods!

Every table needs an inflatable turkey, for … something? Unfortunately, they’re sold out!

Weird Niches | Vampire Cruises

Today’s Weird Wednesday was brought to my attention by Tracy Roberts.

Vampire Themed Cruises.

Yep. An entire cruise dedicated to Vampire fanatics.

Weird Niches | Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Here. Let me show you. This is my puppy Einstein in the costume my daughter picked out for him. It’s not a very good picture of him, but you’ll get the idea.

Yes, that’s a Gladiator on his back.

So, obviously my family spent money on a Dog Halloween Costume. But does that mean we’re just weird, or could this actually be a decent niche?

Weird Niches | Handerpants

Well, I bet you didn’t see this one coming!

It’s Handerpants – Underwear for your Hands! Thanks to my best bud, Spider, for sending me the link so that I could feature it here.

Watch the video below to see why you need a pair:

Weird Niches | Wigs for Dogs and Cats

Today’s Weird Niche Wednesday has to do with something that Fido dreams of at night. A shiny silky toupee!

Yes, wigs for pets. And, not just for balding cats or dogs, either. These are just for stylin’ and looking cute.

Weird Niches | Hello Kitty

Today’s Weird Niche Wednesday is all about Hello Kitty – a trend that I know nothing about, nor do I wish to. However, I did enjoy researching it!

You can find anything with Hello Kitty’s face plastered on it – from Hello Kitty Wedding Dresses to Hello Kitty Hand Grenades to a Hello Kitty Bee Hive. (Unfortunately, I’m not kidding…)

Weird Niches | Breaking Dishes

Today’s weird niche of the week is all about letting out your inner frustrations without yelling at your boss, giving your landlord the finger, and without kicking your dog.

Weird Niches | Dog Goggles

Let's get into this week’s Weird Niche Wednesday!

This niche is just cool.

What is it?

Doggie Eye wear!

Weird Niches | Bacon, Bacon, Bacon - Products

It’s a Bacon Extravaganza! Even though I actually don’t eat bacon myself and haven’t since 1992, I have to say I found these bacon products fascinating! Very very clever people are making money with – BACON!

Weird Niches | Day Clocks

For the person who has everything, but has no idea what day of the week it is –

Day Clocks

Weird Niches | Public Restroom Rater

Today’s Weird Niche Wednesday has to do with America’s Best Restrooms.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “That Nicole can’t go more than a few weeks without returning to bodily functions.”

It’s true, but, come ON. This is cool.

The Niche? Public Restrooms!

Weird Niches | Cat Butts

After last week’s Weird Niche Wednesday about Pet Wigs – I decided to stick with the cat theme.

So, we’re going where we haven’t gone yet. Cat Butts.

Weird Niches | Dog ID Tag Silencers: Business Niche

I hope you won’t be disappointed that it’s not weird enough.

But, this niche is such a clever one and solved a big problem for me, so I thought it worthy of Weird Niche Wednesday.

You see, I have two dogs – Einstein and Eddy. And, I love them very much. They are both goofy as can be and are total opposites.

Weird Niches | Funny Math Shirts and Geek Gifts

You may not know this, but I’m a geek.

I was in the math club in high school and actually did pretty well. I considered going to college for Actuarial Science. Can you imagine my life if I spent all day analyzing numbers? eek! The horror. It’s probably a good thing I chose another major.

Well, over the (many) years since then, my brain cells have died off – mostly due to drinking copious amounts of wine and beer, but my love of math has not.

Fortunately, my son is interested in math and science so I get to live vicariously through him and shop for goofy math t-shirts and other geeky gifts on a regular basis.

So, I have been in Weird Niche Heaven while researching this niche! Can I say “WOO HOO” one more time?

Weird Niches | Nude Cruises

I can just imagine the conversation now between the cruise ship owner and the marketing director.

Cruise Owner: “We need to get more people on board. Any idea?”

Marketing Director: “Let’s have a Nudist Night!”

The rest, as they say… is history.

Weird Niches | Gum Removal Business

“Cleaning up gum is a sticky business… …at GumBusters, it is our job.”

I’ve never really considered “Gum Pollution” as a problem that needed a solution, but then again, I don’t own a brick and mortar business where I may have to deal with it on an ongoing basis.

Weird Niches | Birds, Bird Diapers, Bird Costumes

You guys seriously won’t believe this one. Well, at least those of you who aren’t fanatical about feathered friends sure won’t.

I can’t even figure out where to start with this week’s Weird Niche Wednesday. I could talk about this website every Wednesday for the next month.

Should I start with the bird diapers?

Or the flight suits (yes, bird flight suits — like little costumes) with the diapers built in?

Weird Niches | Weird Niche: Plastic Turkey Wishbones

The Topic for this week’s Weird Niche Wednesday is – PLASTIC Wishbones!

You read that right. Turkey Wishbones made of plastic. Go figure.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the significance of the Turkey’s wishbone, it is tradition at Thanksgiving in the US to play a game with the wishbone. Two people hold onto the Turkey Wishbone like the picture above, and pull until the wishbone breaks. The person who ends up with the larger piece gets good luck.

Weird Niches | Dog Treadmills for Exercise

Call me old-fashioned, but my cats never warmed up to riding around in my little red wagon (or going on walks in my backpack), so I never considered zipping them into a stroller. Go figure.

Today, I found the exact opposite end of the spectrum. Instead of animals that are pushed around in strollers — these dogs are put on treadmills for exercise.

Weird Niches | Custom Fortune Cookies Business

This week’s Weird Niche Wednesday is all about Fortune Cookies.

I found Custom Fortune Cookies one day while searching for some SEO tips. In fact, I don’t even recall how I found them. Once, I did, though, I was totally hooked.

Weird Niches | Dating Site for Farmers

FarmersOnly.com is THE place for farmers and ranchers to meet like-minded people.

Weird Niches | Giant Gummy Bears

At GiantGummyBears.com – you can get what is called the “World’s Largest Gummy Bear” – which is roughly 1000 times (yes, one THOUSAND times) the size of a regular gummy bear.

Weird Niches | My Obit List

At MyObitList.com, their one duty is to deliver, upon your passing, a notification to your contacts. The emails are written by you and can be either sent via bulk to your distant friends, or they can be customized (with a personal note of love) and sent individually to your dearest friends and family.

Weird Niches | Cow Decor & Cow Collectibles

This week’s Weird Niche is Cow Decor & Collectibles.

Weird Niches | Bacon Vodka

We’ve covered a lot of Bacon Products already in the past:

But, we haven’t ever talked about Bacon Vodka. So, here’s their press release to learn more.

If you find a weird niche that I’ve omittted, let me know so that I can blog about it.  🙂


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  1. Thanks Nicole! I now realize that I live a very sheltered life!

    What is the difference between being in a niche and having “a” specialized niche product?

    Thanks for enlightening me!
    Paul B. Taubman, II recently posted..Free Offsite StorageMy Profile

    • Hey Paul. 🙂

      I’m not sure if I know, exactly.

      If I’m understanding your question, the main difference to me is in creating authority.

      For instance, back in 2005, I had bunches of quality niche sites. While I still have many of them, I do not believe that is the way to go and you should choose a market (or basically a niche) and serve that market as an authority instead.

      So, rather than creating a “Scrapbook your Baby’s First Year” product and then turn around and create a “Low Carb Recipes” ebook, you would choose one and then become the go to person in that niche.

      Does that make sense? Is that the question you were asking or did I just tangent off on you? 🙂

  2. RichardP

    I enjoyed the Peanut Butter Jelly niche page!
    (I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, for real)

    • My kids do, too. I just don’t think I would like those premade ones. We like them with just a touch of peanut butter and a LOT of jelly. lol.

      🙂 Thanks for coming by, Richard!

  3. So many niches… so little time.
    The Mom recently posted..Wine Cork Obsession – Crafty Or Crazy?My Profile

  4. Being Australian it would have to be peanut butter and vegemite sangos.