Resolutions Stink: And What Works Better for Me.

I’m bringing back a blog post from last year and the year before that that I really loved (and many of you did, too).

My mom, Patti Winker, told me about this awesome blog post..

Read it! -> Resolution Revolution

I liked the blog post so much that I’m assigning homework based upon the idea to all of my coaching clients.

What is it exactly?

In this article, the author, Christine Kane, states that New Year’s Resolutions don’t work (which is completely true). Most people make BIG resolutions, can’t keep them, and then abandon their resolutions within weeks.

I personally feel that failed resolutions can make us feel like our goals are NOT achievable, and it also is bad for self-esteem when we go to try to achieve them the next time, causing us to think  “Why bother. I didn’t succeed last year. I  might as well quit again.”

Christine instead suggests that you should choose a single word that will be your motivation or mantra for the entire year.

Two years ago, I found the exercise to be very telling. I narrowed mine down to three words. And, the three worked together nicely, actually.

In fact, there were times of sadness last year after the adoption fell through, when one of my words really got me through it.

And, last year, my word “RELEASE” was my mantra all year long.

Now, before you go LOOKING for your word, I want to stop you for a second.

Instead of making it a mission to find a word, I’d ask that you read through Christine’s blog post and see which words choose you.

Yes, I said that right. Which word chooses YOU.

In my experience, the right one(s) will jump out of the screen at you. For instance, the one that picked my mom is totally different than the ones that picked me.

What word will choose you? I believe the one that you need RIGHT now will stand out to you. In fact, my word last year (RELEASE) stuck with me – even though I kept trying to pick a “cooler” word. But, no. Every time I thought about this one word, I felt something. So my word must be exactly what I needed last year, because I even dreamed about it.

I always print off my word (or words) in HUGE font and hung them on my wall. I will do so again this year.

So, for right now, here’s what to do.

1. Please go read the blog post and let your word jump out at you.

2. Post your ONE to THREE words below in the comments. (No more.)

Now these words are NOT goals like “build list” or “lose weight” or “be an author” – but a word that will be your mantra for YOU all year long.

Looking forward to making 2014 your BEST YEAR EVER!

With love,

PS> If you don’t remember your word from last year, you can find  the 2013 New Year’s Word Post here.

If you’re wondering…  my word for 2014 is:


I’d lost some of the fun in my business lately – and I’m bringing it back. Watch out!

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  1. It truly IS amazing how the word ‘chooses you.’ I know I tried to steer my choice toward certain words that I thought would be better for me. But when it came down to it, a certain other word just wouldn’t leave me alone. Last year’s word was GRATITUDE. I haven’t done my assignment yet for next year’s word, but I will today and get back to you. :D
    The Mom recently posted..The Great Schlep North Begins – Going HomeMy Profile

  2. Self-love, confident, prayerfulness.

    You said to put no more than three words but your system wouldn’t let me do that. So…have a lovely Christmas :)
    Shan recently posted..Lifestyle Changes can be Easy!My Profile

    • It sounds to me like you are looking forward to a year of healing and will be moving in a direction of more peace in your life. Congrats. Love it!

  3. Well, I *tried* to choose Consistency, Allow, Rejoice, but they wouldn’t cooperate. Am glad. The words that came and moved in feel right:
    Abundance – Courage – Discipline

  4. Focus.

    I will focus more on my favorite projects and less on the ones I don’t love. I will focus more in general, so I don’t feel so scattered all the time. And I will focus on building a business instead of a job. :)

  5. My Three Words for 2014 are Courage, Compassion, Grace
    Tracy Roberts recently posted..The Slow Cooked Single ParentMy Profile

  6. I’ve got my word Nicole!


    Kelly McCausey recently posted..Random Thoughts About ConfidenceMy Profile

  7. Heal. (That is all)

  8. I have two words for next year: “Build rituals”.

    Our daily actions determine our results, not our goals. A goal is a road map. Our rituals are the vehicle that take us we’re we need to go.

  9. Annemarie O'Bea says:

    My three words are Health (improving it), Focus (staying focused) and Action
    (doing much more of it).

    Thanks for the post, it gave me alot to think about.

  10. I thought I had already chosen a word for next year – “consistency” (because I lack it!) However, browsing the list, “courage” and “discipline” leapt out at me.
    Have a fab Christmas and amazing New Year :)
    Jan Kearney recently posted..How to Use Pinterest For Non-Visual BusinessesMy Profile

  11. My word for 2014 is:


  12. My words are Health and Abundance (along the lines of “Simple Abundance,” not acquiring more stuff) :)

  13. I’ve been pondering this for a couple days now. The ones that continue to speak to me are: Presence, Patience and Creativity.
    Samantha Angel recently posted..Keep On Keepin’ OnMy Profile

  14. My words have jumped out to me over a period of days – CLARITY, CONSISTENCY & COMPLETION – the 3C’s – and I can certainly see how they will work together for me :)

    Love this exercise, thanks Nicole!
    Tamsin recently posted..The Best Way To ProsperMy Profile

  15. Kathy Hagle says:

    I had started out with one word, but there was another that said pick me too. So here are my words, trust and courage.

  16. That was a very interesting approach at new years resolutions! I will give it a try, even though I’m not sure if I can fit everything I want to DO under one term that describes the ‘BE’ part.

  17. Seriously, New year resolution does not work for me, I break my vows before the third month.
    Augustus recently posted..What Entrepreneurs should learn from Justine Sacco’s Twitter incident.My Profile

  18. I’ve been thinking about a theme for 2014 and I think the theme is “Press On.” This means many things to me personally and for my business. :)
    Shelley Hitz recently posted..How to Design Infographics and Use Them to Increase Blog TrafficMy Profile

  19. Focus, confidence and discipline <3
    Ruthie Spoonemore recently posted..Happy Thanksgiving!My Profile

  20. My words changed while reading:)

    Abundance – Action – Discipline

    p.s. thanks for the graphics and the luv:)

  21. 2014 is going to be all about Confidence and Growth – Both personally and professionally :)

  22. My word for this year Freedom – which will come only through Mastery
    Carole recently posted..Magic Christmas CookiesMy Profile

  23. It’s wild – I was just thinking about a “theme” for next year as opposed to resolutions, when I saw this post! My three words are:

    Freedom (picked before I read the post), Abundance and Confidence

    I find this to be SO much better than resolutions! Thank you for sharing.
    Susan Osborne recently posted..Want to Start a Food Blog? Here Are 3 Great Resources That Will HelpMy Profile

  24. “Order” chose me. :O) Happy New Year!
    LuAnn Braley recently posted..Musings on Ephesians 1:7,8My Profile

  25. Because I live in honesty, my word is laziness. I’ve started the blog post about it. I like this one word idea. I hope that come June I will add more or even totally change my word. But for now, keeping this word in my brain will be a good thing.
    Val recently posted..Exercise for Stress ReliefMy Profile

  26. My mantra for 2014: Freedom.

  27. Hello

    I tried to pick just one word, but three kept calling to me so my words for this year are focus, discipline, and wealth. I believe they are the words I needed due to the place in my life that I am at the moment. Good luck to everyone with their words and blessed be in 2014. KJD

  28. 3 words jumped out at me immediately so those are going to be my 3 words for 2014: change, confidence and self-love!

  29. I’m going with Action and Discipline! I need to take action to get where I want to be in life, but I need to have the discipline to wait for the right moves.

  30. “Love” is the word I always try to focus on. I just need one word ;)
    If I love the people around me, myself and what I do for a living, I create a wonderful live for myself.

  31. Focus is my word for 2014

  32. I go with Love, Fun, Affection. These three words i choose

  33. “Release.”
    Then, “Fun” will follow.
    Paul Taubman recently posted..Kid President “Pep Talk”My Profile

  34. My word this year will be EXECUTE … not in the killing something sense but in the taking massive action sense :)
    Tony Khuon recently posted..5 Breakthrough Techniques for Managing TimeMy Profile

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